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Today we will introduce the history of snooker.

Because snooker is an easy game to play A variety of pleasures in every betting period Snooker began to occur in the late 19th century in the 1870s.

Billiards is a popular activity among British soldiers stationed throughout India. The origin of snooker originated in the Devoncher Regiment in Jabalpur in the year 1875, based on the pocket billiards.

And then combine the pyramid games (15 red balls) and life pool (different colored balls). The first form of the game consists of 15 red balls forming a double triangle and 1 black ball at the side points. Behind the red triangle ball

With the addition of balls of various colors such as yellow, green, brown, blue and pink added later,

it was developed gradually until 1884. Snooker rules first introduced by Sir Neville Francis Fitz. Gerald Chamberlain

Playing in the Stone House in Ooty Use the table made by Burroughes & Watts are derived from the English name snooker boat, a slang for first-year military students or inexperienced personnel. Chamberlain uttered the word snooker.

When the player did not hit the target so many times that it became the name of the snooker in 1887, snooker was first published in the Sporting Life newspaper to make it known.

Chamberlain then became the inventor of snooker games by default, according to The Field magazine,

published on March 19, 1938.

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